Advanced Window Cleaning

A few things we’re great at

Faster Service

Moving ladders is a thing of the past, we can clean up to 6 stories  from the ground .. time is money and we save heaps!

Access almost any window

Architects create beautiful stunning buildings but sometimes maintaining and cleaning them can pose accessibility issues, with our Pure water Sytems we can reach the hardest to reach of windows with ease.

Safer for us and you ..

Working safely and efficiently from the ground is essential, Excellent Health and Safety practises provide us all with a safer workplace.

Cleaner, Faster, safer .. Simply more value!

So its faster, safer and reaches the hardest to reach windows .. HiGlass Pure Water window cleaning service is the highest value for money Commercial Window cleaning available.

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So what is Pure Water?

So what is it..?

Its simply this .. water that is purified and free of any contaminants

Cleaning your windows with Pure Water, ensures we clean all of the dirt and residue from your window without leaving any detergent residues.

The results .. perfect streak free windows every time!

Environmentally friendly and safe for your property and plants.

Benefits to Pure Water Window Cleaning 

Traditional window cleaning, while always giving good results will always leave a small amount of reside on the glass from the detergent.

The detergent will attract dust and debris to stick to the glass and begin forming dirty windows again. When cleaning with Pure water there is no residue, the result a perfectly flat smooth residue free glass that takes considerably longer for the dust and dirt to begin to form a binding with the surface agai – resulting in cleaner glass for longer!

The best part, with specialised poles and brushes we can reach areas with Pure Water that would of other wise required specialised equipment to reach, so now cleaner, longer lasting and more accessibility from the safety of the ground .. Pure water is the future in window cleaning, available now at HiGlass.

How it Works…

Water contains many mineral and other contaminants that leave spot marks on your windows.

HiGlass have invested in a highly innovative solution for cleaning any window, We can guarantee that you will save over a twelve month period a massive  25% on your current payments. We specialise in the new environmentally friendly window cleaning systems utilizing pure water and telescopic water-fed poles for that Hi Reach,Hi Shine finish. . This Technology is a system that has a combination of a Reverse Osmosis unit, resin beads, pumps and a water-fed pole that delivers lab grade pure water also known as demineralised water to any surface that is Glass.