Window Cleaning Professionals
Commercial & Residential

With over 20 years experience we’ve become pretty good at cleaning windows, homes, commercial buildings, high rise and much more .. when it comes to cleaning your windows, call us today!

Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Schools, Medical the list is endless.. in short we cover them all

Apartments, Single and Multi Storey Homes. Homes are as unique as their owners and we look after them all ..

High Rise

When a ladder simply won’t do, you need HiGlass.We are the trained professionals in High Rise windows cleaning ..

Solar and more..

Solar Panels, Glass Pool Fencing, Glass Balconies even shower Screens .. If its glass, you can be sure we clean it 

Free Quote.. it will only take a moment

Sparkles and smiles .. a touch of HiGlass

Our team of skilled Squeegee Technicians 

Apartments to Single storey homes, our team of Squeegee technicians are one call away.

Summer fun, Glass balcony and Pool fences really look stunning. We can clean these as well as your windows

Double story or 5th floor apartment we can reach the hardest to reach windows, removing cobwebs and bringing back the shine to your windows.

Increase your solar panels efficiency up to 25%! Let the suns rays through with our regular Solar panel cleaning service

Safe and efficientreliableamazing .. HiGlass Professional 

Trusted on many commercial and government sites, our team are trained to the highest levels in safety of personel and property to ensure the highest levels of window cleaning always!

1-6 Storeys

Time and safety are the 2 biggest factors when selecting your window cleaners, we can reach uptown 6 storeys safely and quickly from the ground

Abseiling Window Cleaning 

The most difficult of windows are no match for us. We can even supply and install anchor points .. contact us today!

7+ Storeys 

When the others say it can’t be done, we can access it quickly efficiently and safely 

Business Signage Cleaning 

Did you know, we can bring back the freshness to your signs too? Stand out from the crowd again with a brighter cleaner fresher sign.

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